• I: A conspirative "Vegan-{({I'})m-[♥]-unity": Is a community designated to Vegans, where they may exchange recepts, proof of their idealistic lifestyle by posting images of their meals or anti-speciestsic actions regularly and additionally shall search for appropriate and compatible coconspirants according to local search radius for dating and common actions in order to realize the vegan entitlement world's wide for ethical victory like for personal comfort❣
  • II: Animal Family Trees: animated, indicative and causal TLDtermining Alien, Human, Hybrid, Animal interdependency diagrams-, graphs- and grafics-synthesis considering swarm, herd, pack, (...), colony etc. configurations from the collective to the individual pro symbiotic-scientific dignity in spirit, behaviour like sozio-political update compatibility!❣
  • III: Compost Cooperative - Vagan Undertakers - If you are none of them, you are certainly belong to their clients and customers❣❣❣